The Beginning …

Cartel ClothingCartel Clothing was founded on October 12th of 2018 with the aim to bridge the gap between streetwear, quality garments and art.
With the recent expansion of e-commerce globally, bountiful numbers of brands flourished overnight. From fit wear to high fashion, the world of e-commerce has enabled many to expand upon opportunities which were few and far between in the past.
However, with any form of rapid growth there is always room for a quick buck to be made and many a brand have capitalized on this.
From using inferior quality fabrics, to less than imaginative designs. The sole driving force of these “brands” are to profit, often at the cost of their consumers. Some even charging ridiculous prices on a simple screen printed t-shirt.
We recognized this gap in the market and sought to remedy the situation as fast as possible by providing the highest quality fabrics, innovative designs at affordable prices.
Our brand takes inspiration from hard-edge painters of the 1960’s to create visually stunning t-shirts, crafted from the finest quality 100% Supima cotton, at a reasonable price that most people can afford.
We are committed to delivering quality, consistency and having a product that a consumer can be proud to wear.
We, are Cartel Clothing.


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