About us

CARTEL is a premium men’s and women’s streetwear fashion brand from the US. Crafted from the finest quality 100% Supima Cotton, our vision is to bridge the gap between street wear, quality garments and art. We draw inspiration from hard edge painters of the 1960’s and each garment is carefully crafted to be as unique and different from the rest.

We created CARTEL with a passion for street wear and hip-hop culture, we wanted to create a streetwear brand which provided a unique aesthetic with each piece. The main focus of each garment is the colour palette that it showcases, taking inspiration stylistically from hard edge painting with each colour contrasting the next, to create a visual masterpiece.

Having had a passion for streetwear from a young age, the founders of Cartel have had years of experience with streetwear brands. However, we also have many a time been disappointed in the poor quality and overpricing of streetwear garments and so, we discovered our niche for Cartel. We wanted to create high-end quality garments at a price that is affordable for many people.